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Story behind this pic: Despite the relatively expensive price tags, 3/4 of those cakes in the pic were mostly gone by 3 PM when I got back there to pick up my cakes which I bought around 11 AM. And yes, this pic is taken around the time I bought mine. So, quality does come with a price ;)

Do you like cakes, cookies, and other kind of pastries? I don't get paid by saying this, but I strongly recommend you to try something from Bonjour French Pastry which is owned by Japanese pastry chef, Chef Shiraki. He's also often seen at the shop, a very humble and polite man I must say. The shop has been around for some time now. I remember how happy I was when they first opened for business. I've been always searching for nice cakes, the one that's not just good to look at, but to eat too (d'oh!). Bonjour is one of the shops which carries that kind of cakes :)
They have wide selection of pastries, in which, all are delicately packaged.
Back then, they had nothing for the customers to sit on and enjoy their pastries right at the shop.
Good news; now you can, since they have set up a few tables and chairs. So, no need for you to rush all the way home just to munch on their pastries.
As for the service, I'd say they are top-notch.
Maybe I'm just stereotyping here, but by my experiences, something (restaurant, cafe, hair salon, you name it) that runs by Japanese has always had excellent services. I think it's in the discipline.

My take:
I tried their Strawberry Shortcake & Eri (chocolate based cake), both are おいしい! Their Strawberry Shortcake is definitely a must try :d
A very soft cake (génoise, I think) with light cream and fresh strawberries! Sound simple and ordinary, but you gotta experience it firsthand to know what I'm talking about :)
I also had their madeleine, garret, and elysse. Looks can be very deceiving for those 3, you'll know what I mean when you take a bite on them ;)

P.S. When you go there, give their original cookies a try, you can always ask for samples in the counter before deciding on what to nibble ;)
And yes, you should try the madeleine, garret, and elysse!

Bonjour French Pastry
Grand Indonesia
Lower Ground (East Mall)
Jl. M. H. Thamrin No.1
Jakarta Pusat

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