Food (C)rave: Monolog Quality Coffee Co.

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After our lunch at Tin Pan Alley, we went to Plaza Senayan to try Monolog Quality Coffee.
Little bird told me that their pastry chef is a Japanese, Japanese pastry chefs usually have some tricks up their sleeves, so I thought it's worth to try and I was really looking forward to it.
It failed to meet my expectation :(
Forget the fluffy sponge cake and airy whipped cream, forget cakes you've seen in Bonjour.
This is nothing like that---! I was disappointed to see the cake display. Nothing much to choose, really.
It did look good, but what's good food without being tasty? It's the same like a beauty with no brain (read: bimbo).
Clockwise: Frozen Chocolate Mint, Banana Muffin, Strawberry Tart, Almond Financier, Palmier.

We also had Chocolate Banana Smoothie, Chocolate Financier, Gourmet Lemonade, Iced Chocolate Hazelnut Praline, French Fries, and Madelaine.

From what I tasted, Frozen Chocolate Mint is the best among the 4 beverages. It's very refreshing! The mint flavor is blended well with the chocolate, while for the Chocolate Banana Smoothie, the banana flavor is overpowering the chocolate. Gourmet Lemonade is the usual kind of lemonade, nothing special. My friend said the lemonade in Tin Pan Alley is better than this one. For Iced Chocolate Hazelnut Praline, ummm---the taste is quite unique, but that's just it.

Personally, I prefer Chocolate Financier over the Almond. But, my friends agreed that the almond tasted better. So, it depends on personal preference. While for the Madelaine, I recommend you to try madeleine from Bonjour. You'll know what I mean, there's huge difference on this one. Their Palmier is hard to cut with the fork they gave and sugary sticky to just grab it with bare hand, but I must say it's quite tasty. I don't really favor the bland Banana Muffin, couldn't even find the slightest hint of banana in it. And, the Strawberry Tart is...honestly, although the strawberries on top are luscious, the base cake is a bummer. It's not soft enough. Of all my encounters with strawberry cakes, the cakes beneath the strawberries are always soft in texture, that's what made it "Yum!". For the French Fries, I had to ask the waiter if they had light bites since none to be found on the menu. I suggest that they should jot it down on the menu, along with other variety of light bites they have on the house.

Although their location and concept are very good, as well as the ambience, service was okay, and I had great time there. I'll honestly say the pastries and drinks (which are the essential parts) that I had are just decent. Haven't tried anything from their all-day-breakfast menu yet, so can't make any comment about that. I'd like to come back to have a bite on that one :)
For now, what stands out the most from Monolog Quality Coffee Co. is the concept which is very creative (that includes the decor), hats off to that ;)

As we know, there are many nice eateries around the town, popping up here and there. We, the consumer, may expect a nice place to unwind at the weekend or after a long day of hard work. But the soul of F&B business is literally in the food and beverages---! Please do not forget the most fundamental part of it :)

Monolog Quality Coffee Co.
Plaza Senayan CP 101 B
Palm Gate Entrance
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Jakarta 10270

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