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Few days ago, I had lunch at Tin Pan Alley with my friends.
I was curious about it, since I've read some good reviews before.
Turned out, it was that GOOD!
Gotta say their service was quite so-so, but we got served by a very attentive waiter.
I'm not exaggerating when I put "very" before "attentive". He liked to show up suddenly, almost out of nowhere, and took a good care of our table. Like, when my beer came up and then I said (with a small voice) to my friend who sat next to me, "Gosh, the foam is too much! I don't like it.", he suddenly showed up and offered me to have the foam reduced, which I gladly accepted :)
Next sudden appearance was when my friend had the trouble with the chili sauce.
Classic problem, no? ;) Other staffs who stood near our table didn't even bother to lend a hand...what a disappointing act.
For the food, we ordered:
Stuffed Chicken Breast.
I don't really remember the taste of this dish. Frankly, for me, this is the least favorite among the 4 dishes.
Although the chicken is good, the stuffing is okay, but that's just it. Nothing special or memorable when I tasted it.
Grandma's Fried Chicken Dinner.
This is no ordinary fried chicken. Aside of the crispy appearance, you'll find the chicken meat to be still soft (not drying out like some ordinary fried chicken) and cooked to perfection. It is also served with mashed potato which lies at the bottom part. Even though the mashed potato is only a side dish, I'll say that it won't be disappointing. Not to forget the crunchiness of that golden brown crisp combined with the oozing mushroom sauce :d
The mushroom sauce itself is not too runny and not too thick. The flavor is not bland, but not overpowering too. Yes, what I want to say is this Grandma's Fried Chicken Dinner wins my tummy heart!
Roasted Chicken Leg with Herbs.
You can still savor the hint of the herbs which blends well with the roasted part of the chicken. The crispiness of this chicken is, of course, different with the crispiness of fried chicken. The taste and texture is just so right. How do I say it...the roasted part, the herbs, and the tender chicken meat get along together in this dish :)
Cheese Burger.
The gooey cheese on top of that tender and juicy burger, doesn't that look tempting to you?
Enough said.

Of all the food above, I'd say Grandma's Chicken Dinner & Cheese Burger are the best :d
But, it doesn't mean that Stuffed Chicken Breast & Roast Chicken Leg with Herbs are not good, they're delicious too, but I find the initial two to be way more delicious to my palate.
Haven't tried their desserts yet, since we initially wanted to try some good looking desserts in South Beauty. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, it's closed already :(
Boo hoo! Maybe next time, with their dim sum too :)

Tin Pan Alley
Thamrin Nine Podium / UOB Lobby Floor #F
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 10
Tel: +62 21 3000 7881

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