Dear Strangers

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Good day to you!
How's your day? I hope you're doing well :)

Today is Tuesday. Well, definitely not my favorite day of the week to have a special occasion!
But hey, here I am now, starting my journey in the blogging world today, after years being silent reader.
(Okay, I had a dysfunctional blog before, but let's count that one out)

Before making this blog, I did wonder, what am I going to write on the blog?
General things? Personal stuff? Or...WHAT?
And now, I'm quite certain with what kind of stuff I'm going to write here.
Random things.
Written Tuesday,  July 19th, 2011.
It was the first post on this blog.

Important Updates:
Starting Oct 20th, 2012, I've decided to go with
The Culinary Journal for my blog name.

Now, I can say that I'm very certain on what I'm going to write here.
I want to dedicate this blog for food & food only.
For more than a year, I kept talking - from craving to criticizing - about food; restaurants, patisserie, cafe and all things related to food, on this blog. If you're one of my loyal readers, you would also know that I've grown fond of food photography in the middle of my culinary journey.
The Culinary Journal is the perfect channel to relive my passion in both writing & food photography. :)

For anyone who wondered, why my former blog name was The Little Miss Jessica; actually "The Little Miss" here didn't mean a bossy or spoiled miss or any kind of snobbish person that you probably pictured in your mind. Don't get me wrong, but I used "The Little Miss" because I really like Little Miss & Mr. Men (yes, those cartoon characters!). Surely, The Mr. Men Jessica would not fit me, yes? People would think I'm a transgender or something of sort...

Okay, that's all about me!
If I told you more, I would like to say something like, I have long blonde hair and sparkly blue eyes. But, that would be a lie! Haha :D

So, until my next post, ciao!

P. S. The blog is now joining the chirpy Twitter!
Again, because of technical stuff, I could not get the renewed blog name to be used for Twitter username. Food craver & culinary fans, don't forget to follow @culinaryjournal. :)

2 Thoughtful Comments:

Not having a set topic idea and rules for your blog can be helpful. I started out a blog about Marketing, media and Japan, but now... It's all over the place. And that's fine. Know why? Because it's all mine.

I look forward to reading yours!

Thank you for the kind response!
Yes, I've read several posts in your blog and noticed that you write almost about anything, not just about marketing in Japan. I think it's very informative!