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Told you before that
I had something eggcited to do yesterday, right?
This is what I did:
Pun will be explained too.
The Card
In order to stay true, as well as integrating with the origin of bon-bon tarte, which is a homemade goodness of egg tarts made from a family recipe, the key for this card design is simplicity. I opted for a classic design and created a subtle choice of color in shade of pale brown for the base card color. With few types of fonts that can represent the sweetness of 
bon-bon tarte.
Freshly baked bon-bon tarte ♥
One delightful morning.
No guarantee on that though ;)
Spread some love with bon-bon tarte!
Captivating the essence of bon-bon tarte.
Some sugary sweets to boost up your performance!
If your guess was something creative,
you got it right!
These are ads that I did for my friend,
who has a newfound passion in baking.
Of all the things she baked, I must honestly say that her egg tarts are the best!
Her jingle goes like this: "cause sweets
are never enough", which I think is very true!
It hits me in the right spot (tummy that is),
I find myself to keep craving for more
of her bon-bon tarte
(that's the name of her egg tarts shop).
What do you think of the ads? If they made you
to suddenly want to take a bite of bon-bon tarte goodness, I'd be ecstatic! ;)

Talking about passion, have you sought yours?
I discovered mine from quite an early age,
which is a passion in creative field.
As the years go by, I've become more definite
on what I want to do; branding and advertising.
Lately, I find it interesting to work
with a camera.
To capture the essence of a moment
in just a shutter click...
I've been captivated by the idea itself. Haha :)

I would like to say, "You're very privileged!"
to people who have the chances to be engaged with jobs that they love, to the extent of able to make living from that.
I think it's an honor
to work on something you're passionate about.

As for me, I'm still working on it.
Wish me luck ;)
Don't forget to drop by at sweetstuffie production!

2 Thoughtful Comments:

looks so yummy!

ps: thank you for your thoughtful comment, jessica. now that i think about it, the reason why i blog could simply be because of its ability to put a smile on my face on a random, otherwise ordinary day from time to time. :)

michelle_ said...

lookss niceee <3
i agree that people who have jobs that they love doing are totally LUCKY !! i hope that I'll be able to have that in my future years of my life too :)

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