Up, up, and away!

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Have you watched Up before?
Gotta tell you,
that's a movie with touching story ;(
Well, for me that is.
It's all started with the meeting of a boy and a girl who had a thing on adventurous journey.
Eventually, the similarity that brought them together, put their destiny to tie with one another.
They ended up with saying "I do" as they grew up together, and started their life in happy union as husband and wife.
Little did they know that death would separate them...
Nevertheless, the husband tried his best to carry on the wish they couldn't fulfill when his wife was still around; to go on a journey to find the Paradise Falls.
The story then goes on about his attempts to achieve his one and only goal,
with the help of a cheerful chubby boy
who might not be so helpful actually.
If you haven't seen it,
I recommend you to watch it!
Even though it's an animation movie, it has so many good values to be pondered upon.
Such as, how their love could withstand the test of time. This hits me hard!
Seriously, in these modern days, I don't really think a boy and a girl can really grow old together from very young age to the age of becoming a grandpa and a grandma.
That's rare to find!
One can always say "I'll stick through bad times and good times". But in reality, number of people who stay through the bad times is lower than the number of people who stay in good times.
As for prove,
I think "divorce" can be a solid evidence for that.
So, for couple out there,
be faithful to your other halves.
Don't sell empty promise (no one buys it!)
and don't do stupid things that you would regret in the future!
Ahem, sorry for the preaching ;)

Here's the moment of heartfelt togetherness
that successfully made me teary :)
Have you found a love like this?

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