Aimer Belle: Portefeuille

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Hello again!
If you read my older post, you knew that I was into photography recently.
Just two days ago, I had a little talk with my friend who owns bon-bon tarte.
Me and her are very much inspired after seeing many photos taken by Tea Rose Wedding Designer.
And so, we did seriously think about starting out in this field of service, under the name aimer belle.
First thing first, what we need is a portfolio.
I, personally (as sweetstuffie production) like to take a still life picture, so it's kinda hard for me to take a picture of people. But, better trying than do nothing, right?

So, yesterday, we enthusiastically went to a nearby place to take some pictures for our portfolio.
The models for people portfolio are me and my friend, and we are also the photographers. Talk about multitasking ;)
We used 3 cameras; Sony, Canon, and Panasonic LUMIX. Both Sony and Canon are just ordinary digital camera.
And, taraaa---!
Here are some processed pictures from Sony camera:

What do you think?
Don't forget to check out our flickr and facebook too ;)
For more inquiries, contact us at aimer.belle[at]live[dot]com
You can personally send an email to me at thelittlemissjessica[at]gmail[dot]com

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