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Every time someone mentions Bakerzin, I would have my mind wandering off somewhere in the land of desserts. Yes, Bakerzin is that good in terms of sugary treats for your sweet tooth!
In fact, their tag line is "love sweets, love life", talk about living up to the tag line!

Bakerzin founded in Singapore in 1998. Not so long after the establishment, they were venturing out and expanding their wings in the Asian market. Their first choice of the new Asian market is Indonesia.
I presume their main reason on making decision would be because lots of Indonesian go to Singapore every now and then (flights from Soekarno-Hatta to Changi Airport are famous for being one of the most busiest passenger air route in the world & vice versa). So, there's already the "brand awareness" factor, which is not easy to gain and certainly can't be whipped up overnight.
Currently, there are 4 branches of Bakerzin in the city where I live, and the number rounds up to 7 when I count in other branches in Indonesia.

Being a casual dining café specializing in desserts doesn't mean Bakerzin is short-listed on their menu. They also serve a wide range of appetizing food, say pasta, sandwich, pizza, soup, and many more. Sounds Italian to you? Well, I think those are the standard Western food which are always popular amongst the café-and-bistro crowd here.

You can never go wrong with their Millefeuille!
I tell you, it's very addictive. I find myself to always crave for more when I finish one slice of this delish treat. Texture-wise, the pastry was crumbly and crispy. It melted harmoniously in mouth, along with the soft and velvety custard that filled in the gaps between the pastry layers. The strawberry complimented the overall sweet and mild flavor by bringing in a little punch of sourness, and the confectioners’ sugar on top did affect the texture a little, giving a powdery feel in mouth. Pure bliss!
Café Crème Brûlée
I won't order this drink ever again, period. After drinking this, I believe there is a limit for being sweet. I always love desserts and anything sweet very much. But, this one was just too sweet, even for me! The crisp layer of crème brûlée sitting on top of the cup was already contained too much sweetness, so why did they go as far as making the coffee to be sweeter than usual coffee?
After a few sips, I could tell that the coffee was pretty much saturated with milk, sugar, and cream.
I felt full after nipping a few times and couldn't even finish it.

Potato Wedges with Crispy Beef Bacon

Even after drinking the café crème brûlée and feeling full, I still munched on this one. Yup, it is that tasty!
The wedges and bacon flattered each other just right, they might be crowned the new "peanut butter & jelly"! Since the wedges weren't too crispy, you would find the inside parts to be still soft and plump. And boy, how can I not love the crispy bacon?

Grand Marnier Soufflé 
I will have a hard time deciding which one to order if someone asked me to choose between Millefeuille and Grand Marnier Soufflé.
This soufflé is deliciously FLUFFY ♥
I've been wondering for the best word to describe it!
Maybe you should picture it on your own, imagine génoise and cotton candy have a child, that will be soufflé!
And you can never underestimate the power of crème anglaise!
Crème anglaise is a light pouring custard, which contains sugar, egg yolks, hot milk, and vanilla.
Without this cream, the soufflé would not taste perfect. The cream itself was kinda runny, had a light sweetness, and it served rather in ambient temperature.

So, when you unite the fresh baked soufflé and the cream, you'll taste a little bit of heaven :)
Words cannot express the fluffiness nor the deliciousness of this soufflé.
I really encourage you to experience it yourself!
"Good things come in a little package.", I won't say that I always give my approval to that saying. But, in terms of macarons, I would stand by the words 100%! I've sought high and low for the best macarons in town, and for now I don't think there's any tough competition that can threaten Bakerzin's.
But, if it's in the hometown of Bakerzin, I would give the title to macarons from Jean-Philippe Darcis, which is exclusively sold in The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Note: Check out their packaging, which is very lovely (however, still no match for Ladurée). Also, don't be surprised when you're about to pay for their macarons, which are a tad pricier than Bakerzin.
There are more than a dozen of macaron's flavors in Bakerzin, here are the flavors that I always come back for more: chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, ispahan (rose), forêt noire. There are also pistachio, scarlet, caramel, and many more.

P.S. For you who have no idea about macaron, it's a sweet confectionary that's mainly made of egg whites (meringue), sugar, and almond powder. The shell is supposed to be crisp, yet the inside is moist and chewy. When you take a bite of it, it should infuse a burst of flavor into your mouth, that's how you know if the macaron was good one or not. Please do not confuse it with macaroon or macaroni.

Sorry, I'm not including any pasta or other main dish pics here, but rest assured, I'll share my plate of thoughts on that. Their pasta (which I always had in Plaza Senayan branch) never disappoint me. Not as good as JackRabbit pasta, which is rather an artisan pasta. But still tantalizing :d
I recommend: Porchini Mushroom Pasta, Home Made Corned Beef Spaghetti, Penne in Smoked Beef & Beef Bacon,  and Spaghetti with Meatballs (all time favorite!).

While for other main dish, I only tried their John Dorry Fillet and Chicken Cutlet with Potatoes.
My take on their John Dorry Fillet is...yeah, just okay, nothing special, in fact the fillet is a little bit too dry. For me, Fish & Co. serves the best fish and chips in town, even fish and chips at Loewy couldn't vie with it.

Their Chicken Cutlet with Potatoes made me sing another tune. It's a heart-warming dish :)
A waiter put a piping hot plate with wooden base in front of you. You grab the cutlery, ready to torn the chicken into smaller pieces. Suddenly, you just realized how rich the lingering smell of the herbs is. This makes you rush even more, to push your fork into the meaty chicken, before bringing it into your mouth, and...there, you have your say.
Writing about it now makes me miss the dish, it feels like home and it tastes like home.

Gotta head to Bakerzin soon to relinquish my cravings!

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