Are we human, or are we dancer?

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Dance is an expression of feelings.

I always have a thing for dancing. Whether it's ballet, waltz, tango, jazz, salsa, flamenco, belly dance, capoeira, can-can, cheerleading, cossack, cha cha cha, foxtrot, odori, jive, para-para, or troika, OR pole dancing, all have their own charms.

I remember there are days when I tune in ESPN/Star Sports just for watching ice dancing, figure skating, or ballroom dancing championship.
It's so exciting to watch them! Lots of intricate moves there, even the slightest details should be counted precisely to make a flawless move.
Take for example, ice dancing, which requires partners to synchronize their moves. I think lots of efforts need to be done before they can present something as effortlessly beautiful like this:
Also, check out this link for more breathtaking moves
from Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir!
They won the ice dance gold in Winter Olympic 2010.
Such a lovely couple, aren't they? They embrace each other in every stroke.
Virtue looks calm and composed, while Moir brings in the passion,
just like Yin & Yang :)

Most of the women figure skaters that I saw on TV or Youtube
always have petite build, with tiny waist and tiny arms.
They always give this radiant smile, and have sparkly eyes.
They can run freely on ice (almost floating in fact!)
and always very much in balance!

Their sylphlike physiques always move across the ice cold arena beautifully, and the sheerness of the fabrics which move rhythmically as they are making a gesture, compliments their svelte frames just perfectly!

And not to forget, they are even able to do such a complex moves on the slippery ice and still looking fine! After all those lifts and spins, how can they keep their poise?

I must say, I'm very much amazed :o
Hats off to them!

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I have no riddim and can't dance. Chewing gum and walking can also be a challenge. But I can drink and do the "Madison time!.".... sometimes

Haha, that's pretty much an old skool move!
If I'm not mistaken, doesn't the Japanese have this saying about "Chidori" bird associated with the way of a drunk man walk?