Food (C)rave: Ministry of Food (MOF)

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Hi! Long time no see :)
So, here I am, again, talking about my most favorite subject; food.
Do you like desserts and other sweet treats?
Try MOF! It's an abbreviation from Ministry of Food.
I think the one in Jakarta is still a franchise from Singapore.
Anyway, you can find a wide array of Japanese desserts there :d
Kakigōri (かき氷)
I got mine in watermelon (suika/スイカ).
Basically it's a shaved ice topped with syrup and condensed milk.
At MOF, you also get the soft serve and fresh fruit that
has the same flavor with your syrup.
Very refreshing!
Shiratama Zenzai
It's Japanese sweet red (azuki) bean soup with glutinous rice balls
(I think it's dango?).
You see, in MOF, you can have it hot (lower pic) or cold (upper pic).
Personally, I like the cold one. The differences with the hot zenzai?
Well, that would be the sweetness and the glutinous rice balls.
In cold one, you'll get the matcha flavored glutinous rice balls too,
while in the hot zenzai, you'll get all 5 plain glutinous rice balls.
And the hot one is just too sweet to my liking.
Hence, you'll feel it's enough before you see the bottom of the bowl.
Oh, and I don't know if it's just me, but the thickness of the zenzai was kinda different too if I remember correctly. The cold one is thicker than the hot one, the hot zenzai is just too runny.
And the beans didn't feel as dense as when it's served cold. 
I forgot the name of the dish, I reckon it would be "spaghetti something".
Honestly, it wasn't good at all. Let me think if I could at the very least mention 1 goodness of this dish...
Oh yea, they served it in clean plate.
But that's just it.
On the bad side, the spaghetti was cooked for too long,
it was not firm and the color was just off.
The cream was too thick. And I could deal with their meager bacon cuts,
if only they served it al dente and/or with proper cream.
Sorry MOF, but this dish was just far off from the word "appetizing".
Let's just stick to your desserts ;)

MOF の Japanese Sweets & Coffee
Unit L2 #E24, Plaza Indonesia
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta 10350

Update: CLOSED

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