Food (C)rave: Mr. Curry

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Mr. Curry is a part of the famous Ismaya Group,
and I must say they have the cutest mascot of all Ismaya's restaurants!
I think "cute" is definitely the theme for this restaurant,
you can see it straight from the decor up to their menu.
Oh, and don't forget their cute description:
"MR.CURRY was a legendary chef from Curry Land.
Together with Mango-nyan, they travelled
the World in search of the ultimate curry.
They finally stumbled upon the finest curry in Japan and
 now are coming to introduce the goodness of Japanese Curry."
Curry Rice, complimentary salad, and Mushroom Risotto
So, aside of the curry rice which is prioritized as their main menu here,
you can also have other food which is not from Japan,
like risotto and nan-bread in which they serve in pizza-way here.
Talk about fusion, eh?
Anyway, I always love their risotto more than their curry.
It's a comfort food for me :d
But hey, that doesn't mean you have to pick risotto over the curry rice.
You can have lots of choices for the curry menu.
Lots of it, really.
For example the level of spiciness and the rice,
not to forget, the topping, etc.
Be experimental and have fun with it ;)
Mushroom Risotto
I don't think anyone would easily agree with me over this.
My friends didn't really like this one when they saw it first.
It's just too gooey, almost had the porridge consistency.
But, when I finally made them tried this one,
oh yesss, they are converts now!
Cutie Dorayaki Ice Cream (Chocolate)
Taste: Okay.
Look: Oh-so-cute!
Marble Cheese Stick
I recommend you to try this one instead of the Cutie Dorayaki Ice Cream.
That if you're in search of flavor, not looks.
This one is just so goood! The only thing that I don't like,
is the portion, which is very small :(
You can find lots of flavor for the cheese sticks,
some are kinda bizarre, like red pepper, wasabi & black sesame,
some are just normal; green tea, rhum & raisin, original.
My personal favorite would be this one :)

P.S. Sorry if I incorrectly put the name of the dish,
I always forgot to write down the dish names when I was there.

Mr. Curry
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall, Level 3A

Update: CLOSED