It's been a while!

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Hello there!
How have you been? ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Sorry for my lack of post m(._.)m

I'm back with...product review!
But still, ahem, related to food. ٩(๑>◡<๑)۶

This time I tried caramel pudding from Sushi Kiosk and Elle & Vire Yag Go! in vanilla.

Actually I bought all three variants of Yag Go! I saw yesterday, but haven't tried the other 2.
I kinda confused about this Yag Go! Is it a yogurt+milk or just some ordinary yogurt in a go-to packaging? Anyway, I fall for the cute packaging; bright colored, convenient, quite informative too. It said that this 150 ml Yag Go! contains iron, calcium, protein, and vitamins.
Their target market for this product seems to be kids and parents that concern about their children's health. E---me? I just can't stand all things cute!ヾ(≧∀≦☆)
But really, you can never judge the book by its cover.
I realized (again, for the 123456789 times) after drinking this vanilla Yag Go! (>_<)
Gosh, I felt like I just drank some kind of perfume!
The vanilla fragrant is too strong, I wonder if kids could gulp down 150 ml of this?
Even I can't finished it. (●´ー`●)

As for the caramel pudding (プヂング/プリン), hm...just decent. I won't recommend this to anyone who can't even stand ordinary sweet taste though, because the pudding is just too sweet when combined with the caramel sauce. Texture-wise, it is soft, but not the kind of soft that melts in your mouth. Overall, it's an OK pudding.
Okay, that's all from me!
Tomorrow is December 1st. Christmas is NEAR!
What's your plan this year? :)
P.S. I'm changing the watermark,
it's going to be「sweetstuffie」from now on.
You can check the Facebook page in the upper right of this blog. (○ 'ー')ノ

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