Celebrating Christmas: Plaza Indonesia

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Christmas is less than 48 hours!
To be precise, it's 25 hours and 50 minutes
by the time I start writing this post.
Michael Bublé and Christmas?
Perfectly in harmony!

You can always click on the pics (in every post)
to see them in larger format.
Christmas-themed Chocolates from Lindt
at Dg Chocolate Gallery

Carousel at Miniapolis

Want to take a pic with Santa?
Come come!
Miniapolis has the most convincing Santa in town.
That's after I saw lots of other malls' Santa,
which were less convincing.
Photography by Hocus Focus.

Of course, I also took picture of the giant X'mas tree
near the Louis Vuitton store, but I save it for 25th. ;)

Are you ready for Christmas? :)

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