Do you like movies?

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Well, I do.
And these are what I'm looking forward to in the year 2012.
New Year's Eve
Heavily packed with lots of renowned actors and actresses.
Josh Duhamel and Ashton Kutcher!

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Very touching trailer... :')
Can't wait to see this movie hits the cinema near me anytime soon.

The Five-Year Engagement
Funny couple, funny story, have fun watching!

The Vow
Rachel McAdams, why you so gorgeous?
A must watch movie for me!

One Day
Anne Hathaway, why you so charming, even in dorky getup?
One of my favorite actresses ever since I watched The Princess Diary.
The story is based on a novel by David Nicholls.
Hm, will start searching for the novel, seems to be a good read.

Another movie I'd like to see; The Lucky One,
based on Nicholas Sparks novel.
Starring Zac Efron, not a fan of him,
so only excited for the Nicholas Sparks part.

Hope they all would be released in Jakarta's cinema!

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