Food (C)rave: Benihana

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I always visit Benihana at night.
It's beautiful with all the dim lights and live music.
I'd recommend this place for a romantic date. ;)
You'll be surely carried away in no time
with the cozy atmosphere here.
Don't let the outer look of Benihana decoy you.
Once you step inside, you'll be wow-ed by the decor.
They go all out on bringing the Japanese feel.
Not a traditional Japanese, mind you.
It's rather a contemporary one.
The place is big and well-arranged.
You can choose where you sit, if you want
teppanyaki dish, you can sit at the bar and
watch your teppanyaki being made by the chef.
The chef will amuse you with their skill,
it's like watching a mini cooking show. :)
Spicy Chicken Bibimbap and Live Band from Bali
Don't let my pic fool you, the bibimbap was good
despite the bland presentation.
And the live band from Bali is A-WE-SO-ME!
Too bad that they already went back to Bali
and had been replaced with other live band.
The latest one in my visit is a band of 2,
a singer and a pianist.
They're lovely too, but the chemistry of the Bali band
(forgot the name) is just so great and memorable.
And they are more lively in my opinion.

There are lots of choices in Benihana, be it food or drinks.
They have some serious drink list, go check!
Especially for alcohol lover,
I think you'd love the place.
As for food, I happened to be always
eating somewhere first before going to Benihana.
So, already full and only up for drink here.
Maybe next time, I'll try more food from Benihana.

Lots of Benihana in U.S.A, but none in Japan.
Why? Because the owner founded Benihana in U.S.A,
though he's a Japanese.
Benihana has branches in more than 20 countries.
Registered at NASDAQ.

Grand Indonesia East Mall Level 3 Unit #43
Jl. M. H. Thamrin No. 1, Jakarta 10310

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