Food (C)rave: Hacienda

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Plaza Senayan Arcadia houses lots of restaurants.
Din Tai Fung, Fukuten, Black Cat are only some of it.
There's also this Mexican bar & grill named Hacienda.
Go check out their drink options!
Drinkers, you'll be happy. :)
As for food, the presentation and taste were good.
Um, I'm just not really into Mexican I guess.
Other than that; place and service were great!
 Lychee Margarita
Sauza Extra Gold, Bols Lychee liqueur,
Bols triple sec and sweet & sour.
Entrance, to the left is the bar.
Check out their Happy Hour Promo,
buy 1 get 1 for the margarita!

Happy Hour by Cheryl Cole
Pun intended.

Plaza Senayan Arcadia X-105

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