Food (C)rave: MAQUI'S

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Chocolate Grand
Yes, that's the name of this one sinful cake from MAQUI'S.
Yet, to me, this gorgeous little thing didn't make it to my favorite cakes list.
Well, after a few bites, I was certain enough to say
that this cake was not a pastry cake.
Frankly, it's more like an ice cream cake.
It's like eating some frozen mousse/cream and some frozen (supposed-to-be) chocolate génoise.

I don't know if it's because the waitress just took out the cake from the freezer or it's really more of an ice cream cake.

Nevertheless, I really like MAQUI'S.
Especially their grape jelly, chocolate pudding,
chocolate cookies (their chocolate cookies are underrated,
go figure what I mean here), chocolate choux (delish, but sadly discontinued here),
and their famous mini cheesecakes (I like the chocolate one).

What I want to try next is their Strawberry Short Cake!
Looks so cute, and my friend already tried and tested it before, they said it's a must try!
I must admit that I couldn't resist that enticing look
of the chocolate dusting.

One in Setiabudi One,
One in Grand Indonesia,
One in Plaza Indonesia,
One in Central Park,
One in Senayan City,
Two in Plaza Senayan (near Din Tai Fung and in Food Hall),
and many more in Jakarta.

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