Food (C)rave: Nuzzy's

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By far, I only went to Nuzzy's in Flavor Bliss Alam Sutera.
And by far, I love it!
The food, the service, the place...everything!
I hope they would keep up the good work.
I went lots of times already, but only remembered to take some pics once.
I forgot the name of the spaghetti (yes, again), but
I still remember the taste, which is unquestionable of course.
And not pretentious. :)
I also tried their galletes; savory and sweet,
I think they are pretty much okay.
For pizza, you've got a green light for me to order it. ;)
They also have burgers etc, pretty much the well-known Western food.

I know that they first opened in Central Park, Jakarta.
But, haven't been there yet.

Tribeca Park GF#15
Central Park Mall, Jakarta

Flavor Bliss Extension #21
Alam Sutera – Serpong, Tangerang

Update: CLOSED

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