Food (C)rave: Paulaner Brauhaus and Kempi Deli

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Things that cross my mind when someone mentions Paulaner Brauhaus:
Always packed (evening and up).
Long waiting list (evening and up).
Lager beer.
And more beer.
Oh, sausage too!
Pork knuckles.
Cute dresses that the waitresses wear.

I like the ambience there,
but I don't love their food menu.
Two words: narrow options.
Though I must admit that their sausages are delish!
And even me who is no expert in the field,
can tell how rich their beer is,
in smell and in body.
Can't stand the bitterness though,
since I'm not used to alcohol.
Meat Loaf Brunch at Kempi Deli
Anyway, Kempi Deli that opens next door also sells
some German food, like soup, salad, bread, cake, etc
in frozen state. They can warm it for you too to eat at the place.
Their salad is a must try!

Paulaner Brauhaus & Kempi Deli
Hotel Indonesia Kempinski/Grand Indonesia
Jl. M. H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta 10310

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