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Chinese cuisine has a long history.
Of course, it's all started in China and dated back hundreds years ago.
 And, since China is one big country, lots of tribes too,
you'll find the authentic Chinese cuisine to be so diverse.

One local Chinese cuisine may have a distant taste
to other local Chinese cuisine.
For example, Yunnan cuisine and Szechuan cuisine.
Both are mostly spicy, but different spicy.
Not that the spiciness level is different,
but the way they cook and the ingredients 
are some factors that produce the different spicy taste.

It's kinda hard to describe it in words...
You have to try both to know what I mean. :)

Anyway, there are lots of good Chinese restaurants in Jakarta.
One of them is my favorite Soup Restaurant.
Soup Restaurant at PX Pavilion
Took the pic at night time.
Can you feel the old Chinatown vibe?
If you sat near the window, at some kind of alley (?) that only set for
tables-for-two, this Chinese restaurant could be romantic at night.
In the day light, the tables-for-two alley is perfect
for a cozy (brunch/lunch/tea*) time.
*Pick whatever you like. ;)

But, in the case of Soup Restaurant Plaza Indonesia,
I always feel like I'm in a set of a kungfu movie, haha.
Before they renovated it that is,
haven't checked the decor after the renovation.
Samsui Ginger Chicken
I can't stand ginger,
yet this dish wins me over from my dislike towards ginger.
The chicken is very TENDER and tasty!
And if you dipped the chicken into that ginger sauce,
you can multiply the tastiness by 8x!
Why 8?
Because 8 is a lucky number for Chinese, haha.
Lame joke, I know.

Anyway, this is the Soup Restaurant's description of their famous dish:
"A traditional Samsui dish consumed by the Samsui women in Chinatown. Due to their low income, the Samsui Ginger Chicken was only consumed once a year, during the Chinese New Year. Chicken was steamed without much seasoning after which, dipped in ginger sauce before consumption. The ginger sauce is a fragrant and tasty compliment to the chicken. Ginger and sesame oil, as believed by the Chinese, removes excess wind from the body. You may wrap the chicken in lettuce to achieve that crunch when you bite into the popular Samsu Ginger Chicken."   
Hm...I don't like lettuce, so I never try to eat the chicken with the lettuce.
But, you try! ;)

Another dish I recommend from Soup Restaurant:
Teochew Olive Rice
"Teochew preserved black olives mixes with plain rice. Black olive is known to stimulate appetite and aids in the process of slimming."
I'm sold to that "aids in the process of slimming" part!
Then again, if it's known to stimulate appetite, wouldn't it be contrary to the slimming part?
I'm still sold, since it's delicious too!
Note that this rice would come in a basket
that they say is the smallest portion,
yet they also say to me in another time that their smallest portion is meant to be eaten for 2-3 people. And all this time I eat 1 basket for myself. Slimming process: FAIL.

Minced Beef with Watercress | Tahu Claypot | Sapo Tahu Pengemis

There are 2 or 3 other dishes that I would like to recommend,
but my memory failed to extract the names, sorry!

Plaza Indonesia
PX Pavilion at St. Moritz
Hong Kong

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