Food (C)rave: Tāngyuán

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In Chinese writings, it's 汤圆。
Anyway, I've been eating this colored glutinous rice balls
every year on Dec 22nd since I was a child.
It's a tradition.
The round shape symbolizes family togetherness and the
numbers of glutinous rice balls that you eat symbolize longevity.
Anyway, I think it's categorized as sweet dessert,
because the soup is sweet.
I think local would call this as "wedang ronde" and 
Japanese would find this similar to their "mochi" or "dango".
My mom made this.

Q: Why we eat tāngyuán in the 1st place?
A: Actually it's related to Dōngzhì (冬至) or Winter Solstice Festival.
To Chinese and other East Asians, Dec 22nd has the shortest daylight
and weakest sunshine. And, according to the yin and yang philosophy,
there will be days with longer daylight hours after this celebration.
The longer daylight hours is believed to bring an increase in positive energy.

By the way, Dec 22nd is also celebrated as Mother's day here (international one would be on March 22nd).
To all mothers out there, "Happy Mother's Day!".
Thank you for bringing lives into this world. :)

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