Food (C)rave: UNION

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or so they say.
Anyway, I love the place.
It's unique, airy, not pretentious, sophisticated, and yea, it somehow reminds me of Loewy.
I love that they use simple and clean looking dishes to present the F&B.
 Très chic!
They have wide range of tea choices, the same tea choices with Loewy.
My favorite is Chocolate Mint Truffle.
You should try it ;)
They have seasonal menu, by month that is.
Last time I went there, they added two or three dishes for the Thanksgiving.
Now that is December and near Christmas (gosh, I always bring Christmas up these days),
I bet they have another seasonal menu to celebrate Christmas! :) 

Brasserie, Bakery, and Bar
Plaza Senayan Courtyard, Ground Floor
Jalan Asia Afrika No. 8, Jakarta

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