Food Re-(C)rave: Monolog Quality Coffee Co.

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I'm going to review Monolog again, after my many visits.
Hibiscus Iced Tea
In fact, it's one of my favorite cafe now.
Great place, great service (I can say that now after MANY visits),
and their menu is more settled now.
Good luck, trainee! :)
I found that they have extended their menu after my 1st visit,
in which they were just opened for business.
I'm happy to see their pastry display is
always filled with cakes, tarts, pies, choux, and macarons.
Salted Caramel & Dark Chocolate Macarons
The display will start to get emptier in the evening,
which is a good sign for the business.
I suggest you to buy the pastries you want in the midday
and ask them to keep it for you
if you need to wander off somewhere until evening.
In the mood for Christmas!
But still, I haven't tasted any of their all-day breakfast menu.
Only grab drinks and pastries there.
That's because their sister restaurant is just across the alley, de Luca.
I prefer eating the savory dish there and go to Monolog for the sweets.
Dark Chocolate, Salted Caramel, and...?
Again, I forgot. Sorry!
Anyway, I love the lively atmosphere here,
the drinks, the decor, and the macarons!
It's bigger than Bakerzin's and not too sweet,
so you can eat more than 2! ;)
Variety is wider in Bakerzin though.
Also try the this cake!
Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse
(I'm not sure if I got the right name)
It's a guilty pleasure!
My favorite cold drink would be Frozen Chocolate Mint.
So refreshing!
Favorite hot drink? Still in search for one.
A cup of hot drink could never go wrong.
Monolog is filled with merriment of Christmas.
I like!
Gleeful Window
Monolog seems to be stepping their game up.
Hope they would maintain the good works!

P.S. They also have this long blackboard in the alley
for passersby to write on greetings or wishes, anything! 
And there's also a Christmas tree near it.
There's a live band in the alley too,
but I don't really know about the schedule,
and I don't know if they were constant
show or just temporary.
I assume it's every weekend from midday to evening,
or perhaps evening to night though.
Go check it out! :)

Monolog Quality Coffee Co.
Plaza Senayan CP 101 B
Palm Gate Entrance
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Jakarta 10270

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galleryibu said...

i've tried the macarons too here.. it was delicious!

it is! :) have you tried their x'mas dish?