Welcome, December!

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It's one bright and sunny day here in Jakarta to welcome my favorite month, December.

December marks the end of the year & brings near the merry Christmas.
It has also been associated with winter season. Even me who lives in this tropical country will associate the month with snow. Ah---I wish to see White Christmas someday!
Giving a second thought on the idea of [The End], I think it doesn't always refer to something negative. [The End] may end something you're used to, but the hidden meaning of [The End] is...it will give chances to other new beginning to start anew.

So let's enjoy this month of festivity!
Don't be gloomy, don't be naughty, or Santa won't come to you.ヾ(≧∀≦☆)

Cheers to the last month in 2011!

P.S. It's also the perfect time to contemplate on what you've done and achieved so far this year.

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