Food (C)rave: sweetstuffie x bon-bon tarte [belle foie]

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So, 2 days ago I was busy with my camera
and my object of affection of the day.
Can you guess what kind of object it is?
Well, if you an avid reader of my blog,
I bet you can guess it easily. :)
Yes! It's food-related!
More specific, it's pastry-related.
Even more specific and straight to the point,
it's a cake!
 *Clapping hands for all the correct answers, yay!*
 So, this time, still bon-bon tarte from the last year's post.
The only difference is what they are going to bake.
 This year, they are going to bake something special
for St. Valentine's Day!
It's a cake called "belle foie".
The baker told me, it means "good time" in French.
bon-bon tarte wants you all 
to have a good and memorable time with your loved ones.
 Loved ones aren't limited to lovers.
It can be your mom, your dad,
brother, sister, friend, or maybe lover-to-be. ;)
 Valentine's Day has been associated for the longest time
with chocolates and roses, cards and plushies, and
everything in between that accentuates romance.
It's a celebration of love, nothing is overrated. ;)
A three layer chocolate sponge cake filled with
the goodness of chocolate pudding/custard,
covered in temptation of coffee butter cream
and thinly-sliced chocolates.

Also available in blanc/noir options,
blanc for thinly-sliced white chocolate cover
and noir for thinly-sliced dark chocolate cover.
The Baker & Her belle foie
With her principle:
Must gain no fat,
after eating exercise is very recommended.

P.S. You can order via me,
just drop some comments.

Here comes the other belle foie; noir.
Personally speaking, I prefer this than the blanc,
because I don't like white chocolate.
For a good time with your loved ones.

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