Valentine's Day, Anyone?

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It's 30 minutes past February 14th.
Yet, I still wanna say;
Happy Valentine's Day!
To anyone who celebrates it.
Went to de Luca, Union, and Monolog earlier today.
Well, they did celebrate Valentine's in their own ways.

de Luca made sure that every table had their own
vases full of pink flowers, there's special menu too.
But dunno if that's only for Feb 14th or for this whole month.

As for Union, they got this event; A Taste for Lust,
I think that's a dinner kind of thing for all the lovers out there
who want to eat aphrodisiac food. ;)
(Bistro Baron also had their own dinner special for today)

Then Monolog had their own
Lover's Specials (that's what they called, really).
Pop-Rock Pink Lemonade for drink and
Nutella & Passion for macarons.
Will post the pics some later on.
When laziness leaves me.
When? Let it be a mystery.

Anyway, there's a florist I barely noticed
every time I go to Plaza Senayan.
And I just knew their existence today,
when people flocked to order and pick up their dazzling
bouquet of flowers for their loved ones.
Ah yes, flowers can never go wrong
or out of style in this celebrated day.

How's your day? :)

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