Food (C)rave: LAWSON and 7-Eleven

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Because I'm too lazy to make up some good paragraphs,
let these Q & A do the talk for me.

Q: Hey! What's buzzin'?
A: Konbini.
Q: Konbini? Never heard that before.
A: It's convenience store, but Japanese call that "konbini".

Okay then, let's talk about the konbini craze that recently hit Jakarta.
Cheese Chicken Katsu
Taste: so oily! :(

As far as I know...
It was first started by 7-Eleven,
which is brought here by PT. Modern PutraIndonesia,
a sub-company of PT. Modern Internasional.
FujiFilm, Ricoh, and Shimadzu are all under the flag of
PT. Modern Internasional, along with 7-Eleven.
Supposed to be a hot cocoa drink.
But I felt like drinking just hot water, where's my cocoa? :(

Well, I think their timing to enter the market was right.
From economic perspective, Indonesia now has
lots of new (if not emerging) middle class.
That kind of economy affects the lifestyle.
People get more demanding now that they have the money to spend.
But of course, it's a principal fact that
they still need to work night and day to make ends meet.
In a so-called metropolis city like Jakarta,
where dynamic life is sometimes not wanted but shoved,
convenience to support daily life is a great help
to balance the hectic routine.
Say, like meal; sometimes you won't have much time
for lunch because you have your work piling up to the tip of your nose.
That's when the concept of konbini fits in.
You can buy a pre-boxed meal (bento) in
a relatively cheap price and in a decent quality. 
As long as you're in the work-paid-spend cycle,
konbini will have its way in the long run.

I really like the nutrition facts, it's informative.
By the way, this Choco Pillow Bread and Sari Roti's Chocolate Sandwich
tasted and also looked the same. Wonder if PT. Nippon Indosari Corpindo
had anything to do with 7-Fresh bread?

Back to 7-Eleven, they are adapting with the locals here.
I mean, where in Japan that 7-Eleven
had some singers to perform in their stores?
And they provides lots of tables and chairs for people to hang out.
LAWSON also does the same, not the singer part,
but the tables and chairs part.

Well, I haven't been to Japan yet,
but from my experience there is no table and chair
in 7-Eleven in Hong Kong or LAWSON in Shanghai.
About LAWSON here,
what differ them with 7-Eleven is that the fact they sell oden.
LAWSON is brought by PT. Midi Utama Indonesia Tbk.
If the information I got is correct,
then Alfamart and Alfamidi are LAWSON's sister companies.
I'm still wondering about that though...

Anyway, let's talk about their product and service.
Personally, I think 7-Eleven is better-stocked than LAWSON.
Their products are more varied.
But, in terms of their konbini food (bento, cake, bread,
home brand type of food), I'd choose LAWSON over 7-Eleven.
Blackforest and Cream
The outer part is mochi, filled with whipped cream
and on the center is the blackforest cake.
Taste weird...
The mochi skin is quite delish though,
I think it goes best with azuki paste, like the one I tried from Osaka.
Ichigo Mochi
Oh gosh, I was very surprised by how much whipped cream inside the mochi.
And I think the strawberry inside was not fresh anymore.
My face when eating this ->  (T ___ T )
There are also Peach Mochi and Fuji Apple Mochi.
After eating this one, I wouldn't dare to try anymore mochi from LAWSON.
Packaging looks okay though, it resembles a towel cake.
Or towel cake resembles this? 
This is like egg and chicken question.
Ogura Dorayaki and Eclair
Haven't tried it yet.
Looks okay though.
Blueberry Roll Sweets
Yes, I could taste the blueberry, thanks to the blueberry jam inside.
And I know this is a roll cake.
But sweet? No, it's not really sweet, it's frightening...
It's a wolf in a sheep costume!
Look how much the whipped cream stuffed into the roll.
I really wonder why on the first place I bought all these creamy products...
P.S. If I'm not taken the whipped cream into account, I think this roll cake is an okay product.
Don't think about gourmet type of cake when eating this, because the texture is different.

Oh, I remember the reason I bought all those creamy products from LAWSON.
Because in Japan, they got Uchi Cafe Sweets, and it looks really good!

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