Food (C)rave: Bonjour French Pastry and Cafe

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Today, I'm going to talk about one of the things I love the most.
Cakes and bakes.
And everything sweet in between.
Anyway, if you read my posts for awhile, you will realize that
I always mention Bonjour French Pastry here and there.
Just a pure admiration of meticulous work from the pastry chefs.
To produce something that is edible and delicious,
yet it gives you the feeling of "too-pretty-to-eat",
I think that's kinda hard to do.
And don't forget, the level of finesse that shown.
Probably, you'll think,
"Ah, it's just a mere cake. What she's babbling about?"
As for that kind of question,
I strongly suggest that you must step in to the kitchen.
Grab your skillet, whisk, any utensil necessary
to make something from scratch;
doughnut, golden syrup, cheesecake, pancake, anything.
That kind of experience will provide you with the answer you seek.
Wow, suddenly I feel like a prophet.
Shiraki Roll: Chocolate
Chocolate Scones and Choco Snow Ball are from Pan-Ya
Strawberry Shortcake
Keeps me coming.
Freshest strawberries around.
Get along well with the light cream and the sponge/génoise cake.
To this day, I still don't know is it
a regular sponge cake or the Italian sponge cake (génoise).
Hm, correct me if I got the name wrong here.
Yet, this simple-named cake won't be ordinary in terms of taste.
The chocolate is not too strong, and not milky.
It's dense yet airy, doesn't feel anything like a pound cake
in terms of texture.
And the cream, I just love the cream from this shop.
It's not too heavy. Light, but still a cream.
Mind you, I'm not a cream person.
I feel that eating cream means damage to your health,
as cream equals fat!
Especially if you're a girl and you have your usual craving
for something sweet almost every 5 hours!
Chocolate Birthday Cake
It's my sister's. She's not really a cake person.
She only eats the cake when she thinks the cake is worth to eat.
Yet, she asked for this cake for her birthday.
Chocolate Birthday Cake in pieces.
Shiraki Roll
This is the original flavor, which is plain.
They sell the roll in whole or just in slices.
Choice is yours.
Both rolls are oh-so-fluffy.
What differs this roll from the chocolate one is that
the chocolate roll has deeper taste.
While this one feels lighter and fresher.
I think the chocolate roll used some kind of liquor, prolly rum?
Maybe I should ask it sometime.
Another difference?
The cream, the center, and the dusting.
On another note, why I write another post on Bonjour is because
they got a cafe and I just knew it when they recently opened
their branch in Ranch Market Pesanggrahan.
Me, excited? Yes!
It's sooo near my place.
A trip to enjoy a dainty cake in the weekend
will never be the same.
Yay to that!
the baker where I bought the heart-shaped cookies for 
last Valentine's day post also serves some great cakes.
I like the chocolate cake, the one that has 6 layers!
And as always...I kept forgetting the cake names.
By the way, Bonjour in Ranch Market Pesanggrahan
also serves bakery products and cold sandwich.
They sold this one in pic before. Now, they don't.
Which disappoint me, because this one was my favorite.
I can't ask too because I, for the umpteenth time, forgot the name!
I can only recall that it had a French name.
And no, it's not "pain au chocolat". Thank you.
This gingerbread man is not Bonjour's.
I bought it from the lady who owns Madera Cupcakes.
I like how the gingerbread didn't come too strong
like other gingerbread I've tasted before. Tasted subtle.
Check out Madera Cupcakes at Red Pepper in Plaza Indonesia.
Try the one topped with Oreo!
My kind of breakfast.
Now that you've came long enough from the title of this post,
I think you already knew my inability to extract the name of this
delish little thing from my memory.
All you have to know is how delicious the custard cream was.
And how good it was along with the crispy danish and the berries.
This one below is not so memorable.
I don't really like it as much as other cakes and bakes
that I put here in this post. So, I have no say.
Looking good, right?
This one is called Maple Loaf.
Anyway, inside of the crispy crust was the soft and light bread.
I really like the top shape of this bread.
Quirky, no?

Congrats, you're at the end of the post!
Hungry? ;)

P.S. Little bird told me that some sweets
you've seen in Starbucks here are provided by Bonjour.
I wonder if Tokyo Cheese Danish is one of them. :9

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