Food (C)rave: Café Oh La La

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If you happened to be one of those Patisserie François fan,
then this post is gonna be a bad news to you.
Patisserie François is nowhere to be found in L2 Plaza Indonesia.
It's now replaced by the quaint and still French-inspired,
Café Oh La La.
My 1st time eating at Café Oh La La was when it was still on
the basement of Plaza Indonesia, near Food Hall.
And then Café Oh La La was everywhere,
and recently they changed their name into Cafe Bon Francais.
I don't know what's wrong with their management/franchise/whatever.
But, Cafe Bon Francais and my old time Café Oh La La
have different qualities.
Yes, they serve pretty much the same food and drink,
then again for me, the taste from my childhood days are missing.
Being sentimental...not!
So, when I saw this Café Oh La La yesterday, I was pretty much excited!
Hoping for the missing-old-time-taste to be brought back once again.
My expectation was kinda high, with all those pretty cakes,
crisp brown bakes, and the French-street inspired set up.
Somehow, their menu still share
some similarities with Cafe Bon Francais.
They distinguish themselves with serving some perky cakes.
I only tried the Red Velvet.
Because it looked tempting to me, at that time.
I'm not so sure about their Red Velvet.
I think it's too dry and too dense to my liking.
Red Velvet these overrated!

P.S. At the end of the day,
I still haven't found the reminiscence of the old Oh La La.

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