Food (C)rave: de Luca

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de Luca, which located just across Monolog Quality Coffee Co.
is by far still sits on the list of my favorite restaurants.
You'll be greeted by this basket of welcome-bread.
This pic below is their Lobster Spaghetti.
At the time when I went there,
this dish is their newest addition to their pasta family.
Mind you, since it's new, it hadn't been written on the menu.
And that would also mean that the price of the dish was unknown to me.
Yet, I didn't bother to ask too (too lazy), 
as I was busy chatting with my friend.
Before I received the bill, one of the waiters asked me,
whether I liked their new dish or not.
I honestly said to him, that the lobster wasn't being
fully optimized by the chef.
As I still could smell the off-odor and
the lobster meat wasn't tender or juicy enough to my liking.
A good cook should be able to 
bring out the full potential of the ingredients, yes?
And, when I received their signature red bill,
I must say I was kinda shocked to see
that the dish covered 5/7 of the total amount!
Well, honestly I don't think that the dish is worth the price.
If they could make a better version, a tastier one,
maybe I would change my mind. :)
It's such a shame to use
some high quality ingredients to waste. :(
I completely forgot the name of this dish.
As always.
But! The body remembers what the brain doesn't.
I, of course, still remember how delish this dish was.
Juicy, tender, and tasty.
A must try!
Thick Italian Chocolate
I had mine, served cold.
This is one refreshing drink
that you would surely like to have after a long tiring day.
Or prolly, after a scorching hot day.
Their chocolate wasn't too strong, wasn't too sweet,
despite the name "Thick Italian Chocolate".
I wouldn't mind to have another glass in one go.
I really like their Aglio Olio,
which is not pretentious; simple yet fulfilling.
I think by far, it's the best Aglio Olio in town.
My favorite Frittata!
I think it's the best way to marry potato and spinach!
Pretty much what I always ordered there.
Ah, the bliss of good food!
What's a good food without desserts?
Incomplete, I would say.
Try their Profiteroles!
They got the best one in town,
and yes, you just heard it from me.
Fluffy, puffy, oh-so-delicious profiteroles!
Ready to set your foot in this cozy place?
The place is always packed, so I hope you could find some seats
and have yourself a little celebration with your food. :)

P.S. Also hope they would maintain their quality, be it on food or service.

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