Food (C)rave: Manhattan Fish Market (MFM)

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Being a meat and poultry devotee,
I must say I don't really enjoy the creatures of the sea.
Main reason is just a pure feeling of gross.
Especially anything to do with fish; gut, scale, eye---scary!
And, the smell! Fishy!
It just puts me off from putting fish and friends into my mouth.
Manhattan Fish Market at Supermal Karawaci
Anyway, I can only eat fish from Fish & Co. for dory
and Katsura for tuna and salmon.
Yes, I'm that picky.
But, on my second visit to Manhattan Fish Market,
or MFM from now on, I can safely say that their dory is okay too.
Their dory still has that fishy smell, but not so off-putting.
I wouldn't say it's a fresh-kind-of-fishy, because
I'm not a seafood expert.
I'm just a picky eater.
Check out their tissue for a lil' bit sense of humor.
Fish and Chips
Manhattan Fish Market at Central Park
Whilst MFM Central Park has the ambience of wharf at night,
MFM Supermal Karawaci opt for simpler design.
Which has another meaning of
less effort and less cost on decor.
Seafood Platter comes with a waiter who will do this:
Huge portion, two girls weren't enough to finish it in the end.
Such a waste.
But, the food that night came with the smell I couldn't tolerate; 
FISHY! And that would mean, off-putting kind of fishy.
Also came with a price that I don't think is worthy of the dish.

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