Food (C)rave: Marché

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Marché established in Switzerland on November 1983.
By the time I write this post, which is almost 29 years later,
they are pretty much everywhere all across the globe.
Need to be convinced? Click here.
Marché is one of those au naturel restaurants.
I mean, look at their market x countryside concept;
They even put a little fountain (in Plaza Senayan)
and some wooden cabins.
Some serious efforts that they put there! :)
I went to the one in Singapore too before.
It was so crowded, people lined up just to get in.
While here, we got 2 spacious Marché;
in Plaza Senayan and Grand Indonesia.
I prefer the one in Plaza Senayan for many different reasons.
They have lots of foods to choose from.
My favorite would be röschti!
Or rösti for German spelling.
It contains all the goodness of potato,
I prefer to have this than the usual addictive french fries or chips.
Try it with their beef stroganoff; recommended.
They have many choices for röschti's companion,
so happy choosing!
They also have pasta, pizza (recommended), seafood,  meat, poultry, 
soup, salad, lots of drinks, and last but not least, cakes and bakes!
Their cakes and bakes display always looks appetizing to me.
Even when I'm not hungry.
Anyway, the last picture is their Chicken Quesadillas.
Mind you, the portion is huge and meant to be shared.
And the words come from me, who eats like there's no tomorrow.

Now, march your way to Marché.
Pun intended.

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