Food (C)rave: ninety-nine & the baker (+the bottle)

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I've been to ninety-nine in Grand Indonesia and Pesanggrahan,
and if I got to pick, I prefer the one in Pesanggrahan.
I love how cozy the place is, and it has this laid-back feel
compared to the Grand Indonesia's ninety-nine.
Quarter Roasted Chicken
Food was unpretentious.
But, looking at the price, I wish they could set the plate fancier than this. 
Gordon Ramsay would scream, "Finesse! Finesse! Finesse!"
after looking at this plate.
The taste? The steak was superb!
It was a Black Angus, but I forgot which part.
Rotisserie Chicken Sandwich
From top to bottom: onion rings, turkey ham (?),
chicken, mashed potato, bread.
The taste? I think it's genius to put together the ham,
chicken, mashed potato, and the soft bread!
The mashed potato and the tender chicken made this dish.
Opt for mashed potato instead of french fries or baked potato.
You'll see what I mean. :)
This one is Wagyu, which part you say?
Eh---I forgot.
I know, I've been countlessly forgotten many names.
Anyway, compared to Black Angus, I'll opt for
the latter, since it's more tender and juicier.
Barbequed Pork Ribs
I'm not a pork person, I rather have beef or chicken,
but this dish makes me a convert.
So soft and delish!
I ended up with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, since what
I had before in Grand Indonesia's weren't served in Pesanggrahan's.
Talking about their choices of wine,
Grand Indonesia's ninety-nine seems to have more varieties.
Bought this one in the bottle, still at Ranch Market Pesanggrahan.
By the time I visited the bottle, it was newly opened.
What I saw there mainly were young Australian wines.
If it's the baker, I'd prefer the one in Ranch Market The Landmark
(read: Grand Indonesia). I find it has wider variety of cakes and bakes.
Or is it just me?
Raspberry Velvet
This Red Velvet breed is better than the one from Café Oh La La.
Dense, yes, but it's more moist.
So you won't have to experience the dry throat after eating this.
Overall, it's just a so-so cake.
This one below my friend, is the real prima donna.
Rich Chocolate Cake
So soft and moist, filled with cream that's not too thick.
The chocolate was just right, not too sweet, not too milky,
not too bitter. And the proportion of layers too, just right!
My only concern regarding this cake; the portion is too small.
For me, remember.

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