(C)rave: Ken Arnone

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Ken Arnone is a Certified Master Chef,
a Global Master Chef, & a brand ambassador of Colavita.
That's what JCF 2012 Guidebook said.
As I was waiting for George cooking show to start,
I flipped through the guidebook to find a page
about him and read it just to kill the time.
I was also hoping for his cooking show to be a short one.
turned out I really enjoyed his cooking show!

Since I had no idea on who Ken Arnone was,
I didn't have any excitement or prediction,
or even expectation when the show was started.

He talked a lot, not just about food,
but pretty much anything.
He talked about his grandma (from Isgård),
his grandpa (from Catalunya),
his wife (who can't cook),
his 2 children, probably if he had a pet,
he would talk about it too. :)
He's the kind of guy that you'd like
to have around in your kitchen.
Or at least, in my kitchen.
So informative in convivial way. :)
Joie de Cuisson
He's also a professor in Culinary Institute of America,
but his cooking demo was far from a boring lecture.
In fact, it was full of witty remarks,
which he called as the New Yorker's dry sense of humor.
I should be a New Yorker then, they'll love me!
Penne with Pea Puree, Turkey Bacon & Roasted Cauliflower
Unlike the food that George made
which could only be tasted by the VIPs,
the dish that Ken created was available for all to sample.
Due to the super small sampler portion,
I couldn't give any comment. :(
After few quizzes that he conducted
as a brand ambassador of Colavita,
we moved to the second dish.
Another pasta, this time: bucatini.
Bucatini is a pasta that looks like spaghetti,
with a hole running through the center.
Bucatini came from Italian words;
"buco" which means hole.
Bucatini All'Arrabbiata con Scampi e Vongole
In English it would simply mean
Bucatini with Prawns, Clams, and Squid in Spicy Tomato Sauce.
Some tips from Chef Arnone:
1. Use San Marzano tomato for the sauce.
2. Best way to remove dirts from clams? Steam!
3. Calamary should be cooked in short cooking time,
or a very long one, to make it tender.
Otherwise you'll have a rubber on your plate.
4. Add basil at the end of your cooking
since it's one delicate ingredients. 
Fragrant aroma will arouse at short cooking time.
5. Never mix cheese & seafood on Italian dishes.

Didn't get to try this dish,
but got lucky & took a pic with the witty chef! :)
Canapés while waiting for Chef Calombaris.
Absolut Elyx Bar
"We can always be superficial, yes?" - Ken Arnone
Spotted here with his beloved pea puree.

P. S. Glad Ismaya brought this one charming chef! :)

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