Grand Opening of Jakarta Culinary Festival 2012

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After a brief hiatus, here I am again,
still on a mission to make you crave.
Don't you miss me? ;)
Being a gourmand (yes, I often eat too much),
I was delighted when I found that I got an invitation
to attend the grand opening of Jakarta Culinary Festival.
I enjoyed the last one in 2012, so I had an expectation for this one.
By the way, above pic is Chris Salans from Mozaic;
one of a few restaurants in Indonesia (I remember it's in Bali)
that brings you a gastronomic experience.
I didn't pay much attention to his demo
because I was busy exploring the expo.
My bad, chef.
Some gelato goodness for you, omnomnom.
Quite confused actually about the brand though,
is it PreGel or is it Lickerish Delish?
Tried their Ferrero flavor;
nutty taste overpowered the chocolate.
I like the fact that it didn't melt fast though.
I really like Potato Head booth! :)
Charming & vintage & welcoming...? Not!
Although the booth was attractive,
their staffs weren't very welcoming. :(
Amuz: Serrano Ham with Crostini
They also got the Smoked Salmon Crostini.
For you who wonder what Serrano ham is,
actually it's a part of pig that has undergone curing
and other treatments for several weeks.
Also known as Jamón Serrano.
While crostini is an Italian appetizer,
which truly lives up to the meaning of little toasts.
Zahra Turkish Ice Cream
The ice cream show was entertaining,
but I must disagree for the taste.
I though it used too much gelatin.
But I was wrong. 
Being a geek at heart, I feel the need to explain
why-oh-why the ice cream had a chewy texture.
Turkish ice cream or Dondurma use
a plant resin called mastic and 
a flour made from dried tubers of Orchid,
known as salep as its ingredients.
Mastic imparts the chewiness,
and salep acts as thickening agent.
So, that's why I had a hard time eating
my Turkish ice cream. :|
Chef Hugo Adrian from Blowfish; busy prepping.
Where's Tokyo Belly?
Never heard of it before.
Cute use of daruma though.
Cooking utensils and wine glasses,
is that Le Creuset? 
Social House, Blowfish, Fook Yew, Pizza e Birra
The Pop Up Restaurant
Love it!
Even though I'm not a coffee aficionado,
I can say Djournal Coffee is a good one to check out
when they are open for business.
I tried their ice cold drip coffee which needs
a long hour of preparation before it can be served.
Really love the strong aroma,
tasted more on the bitter side,
quite sharp due to the astringency.
A very different taste to the one made with their syphon.
The coffee made with the syphon (far left) had a mellow taste.
Mild and has a little acidic taste,
I found this coffee to be on a more delicate note.
Though I like the aroma of the cold drip coffee better.
After round of circling the expo,
and eating lots of good food,
in the end I always stick to this quote.
Tummy, please don't go larger than this!

You should check out Jakarta Culinary Festival!
They have awesome lineup of international & local chefs;
Batali! Calombaris! Oppa Kwon!
Enjoy the festivity while it lasts!

Jakarta Culinary Festival
A Month of Good Food, Good Drinks, & Good Fun
Or like ISMAYA said; Eat. Drink. Celebrate.

P. S. For you who's already reach the age of 21 & above,
drop by at the Absolut Elyx booth & have a glass of Screwdriver,
Shirley Temple, or Chocolate Martini. I dig the last one. ;)

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renandra said...

Actually, the demo by chris salans is really really great if you sit and watch over him. I wrote a little in my blog. Perhaps if you used english as the main language maybe you use translator media because i write it in Bahasa.