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Last month, ahem, actually 2 days ago, on Halloween,
I finally figured out what Blacklisted is.
When they just newly opened for business,
I thought they were another kopitiam around Puri,
since they were tucked between Ah Mei & Lau's Kopitiam.
I kept thinking of Blacklisted as another kopitiam until
they posted an announcement which featured Saxon Wright in it.
I know, my bad!
Intrigued, I asked for my friend who was then seeking for
a good place that served dainty desserts, to accompany me.
I had no idea that Blacklisted would have any pretty desserts
but I know from other food blogs that their desserts taste good.
So I was really amazed when...WAIT,
desserts should be served last, right?
Silly me! Let's begin from the start. :)
After being seated, my eyes were busy looking
at these catchy yellow papers.
I took a long time gazing at the coffee selections;
which they delivered in a fun & informative way.
I settled with a cup of Signature Lemon Peel Latte, which
made of espresso, steamed milk, foamed milk, & lemon peel.
I really enjoyed the coffee, it's light & subtle,
not too sweet & not too thick.
The only concern that I had regarding the coffee was
the lemon peel didn't contribute much flavor to the coffee.
I thought the coffee would be more fruity in flavor
and had a little lemon scent to it.
Spaghetti Rendang
Their rendang was different with the one
we used to eat in Padang restaurant.
This one was lighter & had different kind of
spiciness when compared to rendang from Padang restaurant.
The combination was unique though; spaghetti & rendang.
As for the taste, I sensed nothing special,
but it was way better than My Kopi-o!'s version.
Fish & Chips
I was picky when it comes to Fish & Chips.
So far, I can only trust Fish & Co.
to satisfy my craving for fish & chips.
Others were just okay and nay.
So, I was quite happy to found that
Blacklisted's Fish & Chips passed my qualification.
At last! After lots of fishy fish, I found another
fish & chips place with a better price (cheaper) & better fries.
Still, for the portion & fish, the award goes to Fish & Co.
Cakes! Lots of them!
Ready to welcome hungry fellow (read: YOU!),
as it was placed just right before the door.

Too many desserts to choose!
In the end, I opted for:
Chocolate Banana Layer Cake & Panna Cotta.
I'll be back to taste their Tiramisu; cake & deconstructed,
and their Apple Crumble! :d
Chocolate Banana Layer Cake
I like this cake, they came up with
a great ratio of chocolate & banana, since the taste of
banana didn't overpower the chocolate, & vice versa.
I think they also put some mashed banana or purée
into the cake dough, since the cake was more on
the sticky side than the usual soft & airy layer cake.
Panna Cotta
This was the pretty dessert that
I talked about way above (scroll up if you forgot).
Covered with a layer of passion fruit goodness
(which apparently too sour to my palate) and
three little cranberries to complete the look,
this Panna Cotta wasn't disappointing at all.
Love it when the crème caramel met with the chocolate sauce.
It harmoniously melts in your mouth.
Give it a try! :)
Let's end this post with my actual "dessert" that night.
Yes, a bowl of French Fries!
We just couldn't help ourselves to nibble on something
while chatting the night away.
Haha. :b

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