Food (C)rave: Sweets at Polid House

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Hello again!
After so many months of hiatus,
here I am, writing again. :)

It's my first post in 2013,
yet I'm not going to give any review.
Instead, I'm planning to brighten your day
by giving these
How's that for compensation
of being MIA for so long? ;)

Those cake pops were served at
the grand opening of my friends' store,
Polid House!
Selling polaroid camera & refill, masking tape, 
iPhone case, & many more.
Do check their stuffs. :)
It's the first time for my friends to make these.
Didn't taste like ordinary macarons though,
since the shell texture was on the crumbly side.
It's not chewy nor crisp, but still tasted good!
Vanilla Cupcakes
There's always a room for cupcake. :)
Hello again from
bon-bon tarte!
Because tradition reigns.
Unpretentious Cheesecake
Nothing fancy, just a classic cheesecake
with fluffy texture & really delish taste.
Simple happiness. :)
Let's end this post with a wish
that I will be more productive
in writing entries for this blog.
Sounds more like a resolution, but oh well.
See you soon!
I hope.

P. S. Click on the image for better viewing. :)

Polid House
Jl. Jalur Sutera, Ruko Spectra Kav. 23 B #15
Alam Sutera - Tangerang

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