Food (C)rave: Pasar Go-Lie

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Last week, I just found a hidden gem tucked in
Benton Junction, Karawaci.
The place is called Pasar Go-Lie.
At first, I thought it was a Chinese name or something,
turned out Go-Lie stands for "Goyang Lidah".
They promise that their food is sooo good
that it will make your tongue dances!
Read this post to know
if their food really walked the talk. ;)
Ayam Bakar Go-Lie (IDR 17.800)
Along with the chicken,
I also ordered Sate Tahu & Tempe (each is IDR 5.800).
Okay, you don't need to scroll down to the end of the post
to see if their claim was right.
I'm being nice so I put this above,
this is what you should have
if you went to Pasar Go-Lie for the first time,
and the second, third,...practically until you're getting
bored of Ayam Bakar Go-Lie. Haha :)
I think it's how they seasoned the chicken
that made it so delicious!
Also love their Sate Tahu & Tempe,
since I'm a big fan of Tahu & Tempe!
Baso Abang (IDR 18.800)
Sure, it's pretty pricey for a bowl of common food
that you can usually find in the street.
The taste is just okay too.
But I'm willing to spend more here because
I know they take hygiene seriously (confirm this
with their manager). You can also watch your food
being made since they have an open kitchen. :)
Mie Ayam Rica (IDR 17.800)
Didn't try this, but my friend did & she said it's so hot!
She still liked it though. (-___-;)
You can choose the hotness level:
Pedes Santai, Pedes Heboh, & Pedes Parah.
Singkong Goreng Yahud (IDR 9.800)
This dish was really...yahud!
Enough said.
Tahu Telor (IDR 15.800)
This was the least likeable Pasar Go-Lie food so far.
For me that is. I don't really like their version of Tahu Telor.
The texture and the taste kinda put me off. 
Es Mambo - Soursop & Mung Bean
Yay! Haven't had Es Mambo for sooo long,
and then these were given as a complimentary
after we finished our meal.
Thanks, Pasar Go-Lie!
It surely brings back memory from childhood. :)
Check out some vintage props that they have.
That clock is older than my age & yours combined.
I dare to say that, because apparently
this clock's age exceeds 80 years old!
Watch your food being made by sitting over the counter.
Yup, that's the open kitchen that I'm talking about.
Behind those bills & bell rings,
there's a woman who make it all happens. :)
Meet Oma, one of Pasar Go-Lie's owners.
Together with her husband,
they are happily running this quaint place.
Don't forget to say "Hi!" when you meet her. :)

Pasar Go-Lie
Benton Junction #17
Lippo Karawaci

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