Food (C)rave: Sagami & Aloha Terrace

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Meet Tebasaki from Sagami,
one of many Japanese dishes that Iron Chef Kitchen brought here.
Before I go on about Iron Chef Kitchen,
it was actually a part of promotional program called "Cool Japan".

For those who doesn't know what "Cool Japan" is,
it's a program held by Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry of Japan
to introduce Japan to the world.

Few years ago, NHK (via cable TV)
usually aired a show called "Cool Japan",
I don't know if the show is still running or not,
but if it is, I think you'd like to watch it
if you want to get to know Japan better. :)

currently I heard Indonesian got a show of the same kind,
called Kokoro no Tomo. Have you watched it?
Correct me if I'm mistaken since I don't watch lots of TV. :)
Mt. Fuji Beef Soba from Sagami
Anyway, back to Iron Chef Kitchen.
Iron Chef Kitchen brings 6 different kinds of Japanese eateries,
in which each of them got the chance
to introduce their food for 1 week.

Spoon Bread was the first to serve in Iron Chef Kitchen
at Food Gallery - Plaza Senayan.
Their specialty is popover,
which I think is categorized as desserts.
As a desserts person, I was curious on how popover would taste,
and surely I am still curious to this day because I missed
my chance to taste it during the 1st week of Iron Chef Kitchen. :(
Hope they would come again,
because 1 week is too short for feasibility study.
To simply explain,
tebasaki is a Japanese version of chicken wings.

Moving on from Sagami which excels with its soba,
we have Loco Moco from Aloha Terrace.
Loco Moco usually consists of white rice,
topped with a hamburger patty,
a sunny side up (or two if you preferred),
and brown gravy.
But here, we also got pineapple which
accentuated the tropical feel of Hawaiian dish.
If you confused on what should you order at
Aloha Terrace, then I would like to recommend this dish.
Pretty sure most people would be fond of their Loco Moco. :)
Garlic Shrimp from Aloha Terrace
Despite the name, it didn't taste too garlicky.
So, you can put your mints back to your bag. :)
Mochiko Chicken from Aloha Terrace
Chicken underwent deep fried
usually looks appetizing and tastes finger lickin' good.
This one?
Well, go figure! ;)

Aloha Terrace and Sagami
are the last eateries featured by Iron Chef Kitchen.
You can find them at Food Gallery - Plaza Senayan
until March 14 and 31, respectively.

You can also find @IronChef_ID on Twitter.
Feel free to ask anything. :)

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