Food (C)rave: Dean & Deluca

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One of my favorite eateries,
Dean & Deluca sets their standard high.
That's just a teaser. ;)
Read more to know the details
Now you don't need to fly further away
to buy Dean & Deluca products.
Singapore has it!
Tempting place, too many to look at!
Spent almost 30 minutes just to pick my purchase.
Finally settled on Dean & Deluca Dark Chocolate
Bar (will buy it again, that good!) and their
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Cashews.
I have a soft spot for clean design & packaging.
Tempted. Tempted. Tempted.
But, it was all good in the past.
How can you not be tempted?
Spent 10 minutes in this table.
So many good looking food to choose from!
Baked goods! *gasp*
Can NOT resist!
Walking into the cafe made me hyper!
Dean & Deluca is not the sole producer
for the baked goods here,
they bring in many cakes & bakes
from other bakeries too - like Maison
Kayser and Baker & Cook.
Pick up your food & drink before
find your seat, no chope-ing. :)
Risotto Cake - SGD 8.00/Italian Bombolinis - SGD 4.50
Hot Chocolate - SGD 5.50
Chose Risotto Cake because I never heard any
Risotto Cake nor had it. Smothered with baked
cheese on top, this Risotto Cake got me addicted!
Not just Risotto Cake that was delish,
my Bombolinis was also superb!
The custard was just perfect, one of many custard
that I consider perfect! Bombolinis is an Italian
doughnut, so the bread texture resembles
that of doughnut - soft & fluffy!
Portabello Cheese Burger - SGD 24
With Gouda cheese on top
of the thick-yet-tender-and-juicy Angus
patty, and grilled Portabello mushrooms,
this burger won't fail you.
Kinda pricey for a burger,
but rest assured,
you're in a good company. :)

Orchard Central L4

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