Food (C)rave: Food for Thought

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My cafe hopping experience was a fun one.
That, I can say after I hit lots of wrong turn.
Perfect example would be when I tried
to find Food for Thought.
Even phone GPS didn't really help,
instead it led me further away from the place.

Finally after lots of walking, asking,
and several attempts on hailing the cab,
I managed to find the colorful establishment.
Inside was a spacious cafe with a striking ceiling.
Cozy ambiance, check!
Good service, check!
Basic Works - SGD 7
Food for Thought serves all day breakfast
from 9 AM to 5.30 PM.
Scrambled eggs, bacon, & toasted brioche
were included in Basic Works.
I added hash brown & scone to my plate.
I'm not a fan of raisin, but I can say that
the raisin scone I had there was good.
That means something, right. :)
Hash brown was in unique shape,
not the common McD one.
It's very crispy& had different texture
due to different shape of hash brown. 
Full Works - SGD 18
Scrambled eggs, bacon, garlic
mushrooms, chicken sausage, hash brown,
toasted brioche, & thyme tomato salad
were included in Full Works.
My friend got to share the plate with
her sister because this was too much
for her. Liked the mushrooms,
but not so much on the chicken sausage.
You'll get free water here,
just like at Wild Honey.
The catchy establishment,
you won't miss it if you're already on
the right road. :)

Was the food worth the trip?
Let's give it a thought!

8 Queen Street

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