Food (C)rave: Ginza Bairin & Menya Musashi

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On my cafe hopping days around Singapore,
I was also in search for a great ramen place.
Tried Ippudo at Mandarin Gallery
since everyone seemed to agree that
it was a must try.
After a very long queue (not kidding here,
it was the longest queue I had in Singapore),
and a bowl of their Shiromaru,
I left with disappointment.
Turned out it wasn't worth the queue.
Also tried RamenPlay - Pork Katsu
Curry Ramen & I personally like it better than
Ippudo with less queue & better service. :)

I finally hit the jackpot
when I tried Menya Musashi.
White Tsukemen
Tsukemen literally means "dipping noodle".
So, yes, dipping the ramen into the soup
is a necessary action when you have
a bowl of Tsukemen.
To this day, I can say that
I'm very pleased with my order.
The ramen had this perfect texture (light and
springy, not too chewy), the dipping soup was
rich in flavor, the pork was tender & juicy,
the egg just melted in your mouth.
Truly a bliss in a bowl. :)

Other bowl that satisfied my taste buds
would be the one from Ginza Bairin.
Cheese Pork Fillet Katsu Curry
Every time I went to Singapore,
I wouldn't miss my chance to have this!
Yes, it's just that good. ;)
Come on, deep fried stuff & cheese combo
can never go wrong. ;)
Okay, probably wrong to your health.

Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road, #01-16

ION Orchard

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