Food (C)rave: Wild Honey - Starbucks - IKEA

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After my latest post on Jean-Philippe Darcis macarons,
I decided to dig up my old food photos
from my cafe hopping days in Singapore.
And so, I have like 8 more posts after this
on Singapore's food scene.
Bear with me. ;) 

First stop would be Wild Honey.
I went to the one located at Mandarin Gallery
since it's just next to my hotel.
From what I know, they take no reservation,
so I just walked-in in hope for a seat.
Unfortunately, they were so packed & it's dinner time.
Being on their waiting list, I left my number
and occupied myself by loitering around the building.
It was about 20 minutes later that my phone rang.
European Breakfast - SGD 19
After the waitress showed me my seat,
I was more than ready to receive
a menu book from her.
Apparently, there's no such thing as menu book
and a walk to the cashier was necessary.
Visual menu was shown on the iPad and
written menu with pricing was available
on blackboards next to the cashier.
From many good looking breakfast choices,
I settled with a plate of their version of eggs Benedict,
consisted of poached eggs, sautéed mushrooms,
Italian prosciutto, & home made Hollandaise sauce
on Wild Honey's signature brioche (generally
English muffin is used, not brioche).
It's my first time trying eggs Benedict!
Really liked their brioche, but not so sure on the egg.
It was good, but I think it's overrated (at that time
Wild Honey was on the rise as one of many eateries
that served all day breakfast in Singapore).
Tunisian Breakfast - SGD 19
Indeed, it's a sizzling pan of shakshouka,
fueled with aromatic spices, Chorizo sausage,
fried egg, signature brioche, and Israeli salad.
Prefer the Tunisian than European one. :)
One of many reasons I dropped by
at Starbucks while I'm abroad is because the one
in overseas usually offers something different.
And I was right, take a look at their display
in Singapore (this one in Changi Airport).
They got juice, fresh fruit, salad,
and more choices in sandwich.
Vegetable Pattie Capricciosa - SGD 5.80
Carrot Juice - SGD 4.60
I bought the wrong sandwich though,
couldn't stand the spiciness of chilli & curry paste.
Well, can't stand spicy food to begin with. :|
IKEA Meatballs
I was expecting too much of these meatballs,
or IKEA food in general.
Nothing special about their meatballs,
nothing special about their bland gravy,
nor their bland soup and bread.
The length that I've gone just to try these

Okay, moving on!
To officially start my Singapore food series,
let the night view of Lion City charms you. :)
See you, soon!

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You put all 3 of my favorite places! I went to Wild Honey when we were in Singapore. That was the most expensive breakfast my husband and I have ever tasted!!! Awww, IKEA meatballs... There's no IKEA in Jakarta. YUM!