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From the City of Light far in Europe,
to the heart of Southeast Asia; Lion City,
here comes the long awaited - Ladurée!
Established since 1862, Ladurée had a long history
before becoming one of macaron darlings.
And from April 15, 2013, Ladurée has just started
making another history by expanding to S. E. Asia.
 Lucky me, I happened to be in Singapore
when their first store opened in Takashimaya.
There are 2 Ladurée shops in Takashimaya (Ngee Ann City),
one is the boutique in L2 & the other one is the counter in L1.
 The boutique is not a spacious one,
yet with the help of the decor,
it looks dearly charming & inviting.
Here's the list of their macaron's flavor - as recorded
on the opening day: Vanilla, Ghana Chocolate,
Marie-Antoinette Tea, Chocolate Yuzu,
Chocolate Coconut Marshmallow, Coffee, Pistachio,
Strawberry Marshmallow, Raspberry, Salted Caramel,
Praline, Orange Blossom Rose Petal, Lemon,
Chestnut, Red Fruits, Chocolate, Liquorice.
Besides macarons, Ladurée also sells trinkets like
these key chains or pop-up cards, mini bag,
jam, tea, chocolate, and candles. 
 Pretty, right? :)
After having hard time to pick the box,
I ended up with a Napoleon III box
that seemed to portray Ladurée's
spring collection of Les Merveilleuses.
The box was a home to 6 pieces of macaron.
It's a rather fancy & sturdier box, so it's
pricier than a regular box which can fit 8 pieces.
My selections: Orange Blossom,
Strawberry Marshmallow, Ghana Chocolate,
Chocolate Coconut Marshmallow,
Rose Petal, Marie-Antoinette Tea.
 My favorite is one of these three, can you guess?
Some qualities in Ladurée's macarons that I couldn't
find (yet) in other macarons I've tried until now are
the deep yet delicate flavor of the shell,
which was not very thin - but has perfectly crisp outer shell.
For the Orange Blossom, you can find
refreshing hint of citrus with generous filling.
To me, it's a summer kind of taste. :)

Chocolate Coconut Marshmallow is filled with
gooey marshmallow thus the chewy filling,
the coconut somehow gave this roasted scent.
It's unique & good, but not good enough to
make me pick that flavor again.

Strawberry Marshmallow also had
chewy texture due to the filling.
The strong fruity scent was kinda put me off.
Not a fan of this flavor.

Marie-Antoinette Tea was the best seller
and the most recommended,
or so the SA told me.
It was indeed their softest macaron,
it will easily melt in your mouth,
 no doubt about that.
With a slight hint of mint (if my palate
doesn't fool me) and a very light
Earl Grey scent, it was really
a delicate macaron.
Unfortunately, it wasn't my cup of tea.

Ghana Chocolate was a winner,
that before I tasted the remaining flavor. ;)
The rich dark chocolate is simply a joy to the palate.
It's purely addictive & an indulgence in a bite!

Rose Petal was a happiness in a bite.
The moment you take a bite, it will release
burst of rose flavor in your mouth.
The fresh fragrant of rose will just overflow
in your mouth with right amount of sweetness.
This one is definitely my favorite macaron so far. :)
Now you know what awaits you
on the shore of Singapore. ;)

Takashimaya #02-09 & #01
Prices start from SGD 3.80 per macaron.

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