Food (C)rave: 9Cups Coffee & Roastery

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Tucked away between houses in West Jakarta - where specialty coffee house
is almost non-existent - is this quaint & humble 9Cups Coffee & Roastery.
I made several unfortunate turns before safely arrived here,
and was really surprised when I stepped in (very surprised, in fact,
almost *shamelessly* passed by Mr. Toni Wahid from who invited me here).
Why the surprise?
First thing first, I was blown away since this place reminds me of coffee shops
near colleges and universities in South Korea, you know, like the one in Hongdae.
And second, for their courage to stand out from the crowd, much salute!
If you think about it, most specialty coffee shop here opt for the clean industrial look.
Well, gotta say you won't find that in 9Cups. 
Books are piled rather disorderly here. Hot kitchen is on full display
with all those utensils and ingredients. Barely there limit between
the coffee bar, so you can watch very closely while the barista,
Mrs. Lidya Japar Halim, brewing your cup of joe.
These points are their own charm,
and though it's pretty much a contradiction,
I find them fancy with the absence of fancy furnishing.
Move on to the real deal, the coffee.
Sunda Aromanis was the bean of choice.
It was quite strong in the aroma, a bit acid during sipping
yet sweet when being gulped, leaving clean after taste in the end.
The sweet characteristic was the highlight for me.
A cup of Mocha that I tasted, was already sweet without any drop of sugar!
If you're a student of Trisakti or Tarumanegara University, then you're lucky!
This hidden gem is within walking distance and open from 3 to 9 PM.
Excellent for after class meetup or night cramming.

P. S. Need to warn you though, since the space is so cozy, you might end up dozing off here. ;)
Taman S. Parman A4
Grogol, West Jakarta

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Thank you for your kind review - 9 cups coffee & roastery

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Pleasure is mine! :)