How to: 30 Seconds Desserts

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Don't have much time at hand to whip up a simple desserts?
Fret not, my dear.
Grab a box of Lotte Cream Custard Cake the next time you do your grocery shopping.

As taught by a Korean friend, just discovered a better way to enjoy this Lotte Cream Custard Cake (instead of eating it as it is). With 1 simple step, you can turn your Lotte Cream Custard Cake into a soft and gooey desserts.

30 seconds and a microwave are all you need. Cut the center of the cake and indulge yourself to the stream of hot custard coming at you. Tempted enough to try?

P. S. First time making a video for this blog! Pardon for the quality, since I only used a phone and didn't enhance anything in this video. :\

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