Valentine's Day: Where to go?

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Hello ladies and gentlemen!

It's that time of the year again, Valentine's day,
where women are waiting impatiently to be impressed
and men need to work on their magic to swoon their dates.

Singles, don't sulk in the corner!
Gather up with your single friends or your siblings,
or your parents! Love knows no boundaries,
and it is meant to be shared (and not only on a specific
day though).

I'm listing up my personal preference of places
that I think will suit the mood for February 14.

Just don't forget to book it ASAP. ;)
Are you ready?

1. Orient8
My favourite AYCE to date. I like what they serve here either for brunch or dinner.
Just not everyone will agree with me regarding the variety of food, some said they
don't have much to choose. Yet, I prefer quality > quantity, and most of what
they offer here are very tasty.

Lastly, I just love the serene ambience and gorgeous decor here.

For couples: Fancy All-You-Can-Eat.
For singles: All-You-Can-Eat!
Where: Hotel Mulia, Senayan.
2. Publik Markette
This new eatery in the heart of Jakarta is full of good vibe and good food!
Kudos for the funky concept, Ismaya Team. Indeed, choice of food is not that much
when they operate the cafetaria system, yet each of the dishes looks super tempting.

For couples: Go for the experience, forget the courtesy of having 3-course dinner.
For singles: Cool place to try out, if you haven't.
Where: Grand Indonesia - GF of East Mall.

3. Avec Moi
Offering affordable French cuisine yet still keeping the quality, no wonder they always
packed for dinner. Last time I went here, only 1 table was available for walk-in customers.

For couples: Romantic dinner, anyone?
For singles: Can't really imagine a group of lads coming here for
dinner, so maybe this one will fit better for a group of ladies. ;)
Where: Thamrin Office Park.

4. St. Germain
Since this year's Valentine's falls on Saturday, I'm thinking St. Germain will be
an excellent choice for you who want to spend the weekend at the mall, you know,
the kind of weekend where you pass the time by watching movie and grabbing dinner afterwards.

P. S. If you can only allocate time for dinner with your loved ones,
opt for Cacaote.

For couples: Guys, your date will be swoon all in the right note.
Cute place, check. Great food, check. Fab desserts, CHECK.
For singles: They have awesome pork dishes & desserts. #enoughsaid
Where: Grand Indonesia, next to H&M at East Mall.

5. de Luca
Heartwarming dishes, laid-back vibe.
If only not many smokers here, I would love to stop by more often.

For couples: Place is very cozy and food is great!
For singles: Place is very cozy and food is great. #youmadbro
Where: Plaza Senayan - Palm Gate.

6. Monolog
If you're more of a brunch couple than dinner couple,
then go to Monolog. And, please try their donuts!

For couples: Brunch calling!
For singles: BIG brunch.
Where: Plaza Senayan - Palm Gate.
7. Table8
Food choices are wider than Orient8, this is another option for AYCE,
still at the same hotel. A bit pricier if I'm not mistaken.

For couples: Still, fancy All-You-Can-Eat. ;)
For singles: From duck to pork, from dim sum to noodles.
Where: Hotel Mulia, Senayan.

8. Unacho
Although I doubt if anyone will go for anything but Western for their Valentine's dinner,
I still put Unacho in this list. Just because their Unagi Hitsumabushi is a delicacy on its own
level and the place is very much serene.

For couples: Unagi and serenity.
For singles: Unagi and silence to fully enjoy your food.
Where: Plaza Senayan.
9. Mama Goose
This one is such a lovely establishment. The fried rice in the picture above is a must have.
Their drinks are quirky and what you need to get through the dinner when conversation runs out. #oops

For couples: Not a 3-course dinner place, but is lovely on its own.
For singles: Fun drinking time after dinner, you dig? ;)
Where: Common House at Panglima Polim.

10. Sam Won Garden
Another non-Western restaurant in this list, yet I just cannot not put it here!
Chadol Kimchi Bokkeum Bap and Gochujang Samgyeopsal, bet you and date
will be absorbed by how delicious are those and having great, unpretentious night.

For couples: One of the best Korean in town, plus serenity, minus
trace of smoke from the grill.
For singles: One of the best Korean in town!
Where: Lotte Shopping Avenue.
11. Social House
This is where I go to almost every 2 weeks to have wine night with my girls.
Yet this is also the place to be if you want to open a bottle of wine and have
some good time with your date. Food here is consistently good, yet
you need to pick correctly from the menu.

The best so far would be Pork Knuckles (huge portion, do share) and Lasagna!

For couples: Casual dinner without being too casual.
For singles: Wine selections are wide and it's open until 1 AM!
Where: Grand Indonesia, East Mall.

12. Le Quartier
I really like the ambience here and same goes for the food.
And I do think, this is THE place to bring your date this Valentine.
All is too good here.

For couples: Be impressed.
For singles: Food + Place = Awesomeness
Where: Jl. Gunawarman No. 34, South Jakarta.

13. Potato Head Garage
Though I put Potato Head Garage in this list, I don't really recommend to have dinner here.
For me, their drinks are the highlights and what keep me going back.
The idea is to chill out with your date after dinner, opt to be seated at their stylish bar.
Bartenders here are the best! Very nice and informative, and yes most of them are too chatty,
but hey, look at the bright side, ice-breakers! #literally

For couples: Having that meaningful after dinner talk, oh yes.
For singles: Go for the drinks, and stay until it closed. ;)
Where: SCBD Lot 14.

14. Salt Grill
Dinner with a view this Valentine's day. Impressive much?
(if your date is not impressed with this, I don't know what will do)

For couples: Fantastic dishes, mesmerising view.
For singles: THE FOOD. THE VIEW.
Where: Altitude at The Plaza - 46F.

Phew, quite a long post this one.
Enjoy your Valentine's day, wherever you are!

P. S. Because what's important is who you spend it with. :)

Disclaimer: The list is made based on personal preference of yours truly.
Since she's not too keen on new eateries, she prefers to stick with
what have been tested through time. #punintended #ifyougetwhatimean

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