Wanderlust: Sheung Wan [ 上環 ]

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Purchased a ticket to Hong Kong 2 months ago out of the blue.
Had no plan at all at first, just looking through the tickets and suddenly
the thought of embarking on a solo trip crossed my mind and voila, gone were my cash.

Thanks to my persistence on going solo, I learnt a lot during my stay in HK.
I'm saving the details for myself, but I want you to know that solo trip is a great thing to do.
And fellow women going on solo trip is something that I encourage!
Sure, you need to be careful out there, but that doesn't mean there will be crime waiting in your destination.

Take a deep breath and enjoy your moment!
This is Gough Street, the street where you can find hip restaurants, cool boutiques, and premium designer stores. 
Some notable places here include: agnès bCAFÉ, Ralph Lauren, Elephant Grounds, HOMELESS, Shugetsu Ramen.
Photos above are taken at HOMELESS, they have 3 stores located just across each other at Gough Street.

Moving on from Gough Street, I was actually looking for a brunch place called Café Deadend.
Since I didn't buy prepaid card, thus very dependant on WiFi, I got lost for more than 30 minutes
before I could find the place. Luckily, there were many things to see along the way,
and with sore feet, I was very much tempted to just stop at the nearest cafe I could find.

There were actually aplenty since Sheung Wan becomes popular these days due to their trendy cafe scene and artsy shops.

After taking so many steps (mind you, the route to Café Deadend requires you to climb long
long stairs), I set my feet at the coveted cafe!

The place is small and cozy, if not intimate. You get the the option to sit at the bar or the tables in front of the bar.

Or, when the weather is nice, they will deck out more tables for outdoor dining.
That day was rather gloomy, and not long after I arrived there, rain started to pour.

It was a good mellow morning for me.
Poached Eggs & Ham (HKD 80) with Cappuccino (HKD 35)

My food came, along with a cup of coffee and a chatty cafe crew.
An interesting person she is, and more importantly, very helpful.
Little did I know, that this would be one of only two great services I got in Hong Kong.

On the food itself, everything was great but the bread underneath.    
It was hard to shred the bread as the texture itself was rough.
FYI, the bread came from Po's Atelier, which is located just next to Café Deadend.

As for their coffee, I ordered cappuccino and found it a bit too bitter to my liking.
Note: I always take my coffee without sugar and the one I prefer usually won't have that kind of bitterness. 
After the brunch, I was planning to go to Macau since the ferry terminal is also in Sheung Wan.
Full story will be on my next post!

Before I forget again, allow me to wish you a happy and prosperous year of goat!
P. S. Most stores in Hong Kong and South Korea displayed sheep dolls and stuffs on their storefronts. Aren't they cute?

Café Deadend
72 Po Hing Fong, Hong Kong
Access from: Sheung Wan Station

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The post I've been waiting for.
Great to know places before my trip to HK next month.
Can't wait for the next post!

Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

Jessica Chia said...

Thanks, Bert!
Can I say I dedicate this post to you? ;)
Will post about Macau soon.
*fingerscrossed* *someoneshouldwriteaboutovercominglaziness101*


Thanks Jessica, waiting for your post.
I'll be arranging my itinerary this saturday ;)
Yes, someone should give us some tips about overcoming laziness 101 though.

Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles