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Been away for 2 weeks and lived out of a suitcase
(or two in my case, since the first suitcase I brought to Korea
was broken the moment I received it in Jakarta).
It was truly an exhilarating experience.

To be on my own,
to embrace my solitude,
to discover new places,
to obtain new knowledges,
to meet interesting personalities,
and to be enthralled by whatever life threw at me
(ahem, getting lost).

There are so many stories and pictures I want to share.
Yet, my hands are quite tied to my daily work as of now.
I will write it whenever I have the chance,
meanwhile I might post some sneak-peek on Instagram,
so stay tuned!
The famous noodles show down!
Tsim Chai Kee vs Mak's Noodle
Just like yin & yang.

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