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Last time I had dinner here, it was somewhere in 2013.
Then from what I heard, this place was closed for renovation.
Visited this place again last week, not disappointed at all with my food
but they really need to improve on the promptness of their service.
Combination of blue tiles and the terracotta-colored floor is simply dashing.
With the light falls into the right place and mirrors occupying some sides,
the space is lit with the work of reflection.
Food itself was very cheap considering the whole look of the place.
Ranging from IDR 20k something to IDR 38k on average for the main course.
We had OX XO which was beef toungue with sambal hijau on top of the rice,
risotto with mushroom and sausage, and pasta with corned beef.
All priced at 38k each with just the right amount of serving (I kid you not).
We were shocked (in a good way) with pretty much everything that night.

The highlight of the night is the ambience of this newly renovated place, very stylish I must say.
Definitely will come back soon. :)

Ruko Asiatic Blok B15/36
Jl. Permata Sari, Lippo Village
Karawaci, Tangerang
Open from Monday to Sunday
From 5 PM to 12 AM

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Indeed very stylish and affordable too. :)

Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

Jessica Chia said...

Now we know our favorite dishes there! ;)